AirArch Insoles with our Dynamic Air Chamber Technology, are your complete answer to Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Lower Back pain. Our International Patent insoles target Pain, but also Fatigue and Discomfort along with increasing Comfort and Balance.


Use AirArch insoles for standing, walking and running from athletics, business or leisure – whatever your footwear – sandals, shoes, flats, High Heels, Boots, Running shoes and more – AirArch Insoles are for you!


Our AirArch technoology focused on relieving pain caused by Foot Problem like Plantar Fasciiatis, Flat Feet, Heel Spur or even Jumper's Knee. With only few grams of weight, we didn't add additional burden to your pain feet anymore. 


AirArch is designed for long time usage and even for Marathon runners. It gears up your every step by air cushion and so it eliminates pressure points below your feet.








  • Ideal for Standing, Walking, Running, for any feet conditions like Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spur, and any distances. Shock Absorption. Only 9 grams NET WEIGHT!

  • Improve your BALANCE by International Patented Air Cushion.

  • Arch Support, Sole Massage Improve your Strength and Flexibility.

  • Weight Shift Stabilization, Provides stability and comfort to flat feet or irregularly shaped feet.

  • Immediately Relief Pressire, Stress & Pain at ANKLE, KNEE, HIP and even LOW BACK!

  • One Size Fits all (Most adult shoes). Can be use with high heels, dress shoes, sneakers, and even hiking boots. 



  • AirArch 具有國際設計專利, 以空氣承托足底, 針對地減少足底壓力, 大幅度減少足底筋膜炎、跟⾻骨刺所引起之痛楚。每隻鞋墊只有9 克重! 無論你是足痛、膝痛、腰背痛患者, 或是需要長期站立、甚至是專業跑手, AirArch 都給予你最貼切的保護與承托!

  • 專利的對流空氣夾層, 更有效提⾼站立平𧗾的能力。

  • 以循環空氣囊來回承托⾜弓和腳跟, 每一步都提供足底按摩的舒適。

  • 氣墊能迎合不同腳型, 提⾼重心轉移的平穩度, 令步行或跑步都更平穩!

  • AirArch更有強⼒避震效果, ⼤大減低腳跟、腳腕、膝蓋、甚至腰盆所承擔的壓力!

  • 單⼀尺碼, 適合任何鞋類 (如跑鞋、布鞋、高跟鞋、行⼭鞋等等...)。 無論送禮⾃用都無須擔⼼兼容性。 

  • 超級耐用, 馬拉松式長久使用也不減承托力!